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Hello Everybody,

It is wonderfully exciting for me to introduce my new book, A Question of Trust; it’s been a bit longer than usual, but I hope you’ll think it’s worth the wait.

A Question of Trust is about many thingslove, loyalty, ambition, heartbreak. But at its core is a dilemma of conscience: a clash between personal and professional anguish.

Tom Knelston has huge political ambitions: which on the eve of the 1955 election seem about to be realised.  A passionate socialist, with a special concern for the newly-launched National Health Service, he is a popular candidate, much quoted and photographed in the press, and with an attractive wife, Alice, and young family. Then his small son, Kit, becomes dangerously ill, the GP is unable to help, and Alice insists they go to a private and extremely distinguished paediatrician, who is also a family friend. Tom is in a seemingly impossible position; should it emerge he has jumped the queue, used privilege and power to help his child, he will be branded a hypocrite and his political ambitions will be in shreds. But how can he possibly put such concerns above the life of his child?

Other secrets could emerge as well: not least his relationship with beautiful fashion model Diana Southcott, who he has known since childhood, and the luxurious life she leads that he finds so hard to resist, despite his socialist principles.

And then Alice, sweet, loyal Alice is confronting her own jealousies, not of Diana, but an earlier, great love in Tom’s past.

All these things reach crisis point over those few, desperate days.

There are other characters caught up in the drama too: Jillie, Alice’s best friend, with her own difficult personal history and Ned Welles, the paediatrician who is asked to save Kit’s life, who has troubles and secrets of his own.

It was an amazing and fascinating book to research and work on; I do really hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!


Penny Vincenzi

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A Question Of Trust

1950s London. Tom Knelston is charismatic, working class and driven by ambition, ideals and passion. He is a man  to watch.  His wife Alice shares his vision. It seems they are the perfect match. Then out of the blue, Tom meets beautiful and unhappily …