Spoils of Time Trilogy

Into Temptation

Book Three of The Spoils of Time trilogy

Celia Lytton has enriched the social and literary scene for nearly half a century. But during that time she has also amassed a wealth of secrets that could do untold damage to her family. There’s her daughter Adele’s difficult, dark past; the dreadful cruelty of a truth her son Kit must confront; and the troubles of Barty Miller, the child Celia rescued from the slums in babyhood. And then, she has secrets of her own… Some secrets are more dangerous than others. And all have been absolutely safe in her keeping. Until something threatens to reveal them all…


Something Dangerous

Book Two of The Spoils of Time trilogy

The dazzling twin daughters of the beautiful Lady Celia Lytton are born into the family’s publishing empire and, at age eighteen, are beginning to take their charmed world for granted. In contrast, their adopted sister, Barty, rescued from the London slums in babyhood, is ever more aware of how she came to be where she is. It is 1928, and the spectre of Nazi Germany is growing…soon, all three girls will find their lives irrevocably changed by a dark and dangerous war. And each must find a way of surviving, living – and even loving.


No Angel

Book One of The Spoils of Time trilogy

In pre-war London, Lady Celia Lytton is the perfect host. Beautiful, intelligent and determined, she throws glittering parties, publishes bestselling books, and enjoys her young family and loving husband. But there are tragedies her family will not escape: the Titanic, the First World War, the flu epidemic. And beneath their perfect image, the Lyttons cannot ignore the changing world around them. In the shattering aftermath of the War, Celia is beginning to understand that there will be a price to pay for the life she has chosen, that is greater than she could ever have imagined… An epic saga of …