Penny is the doyenne of the modern blockbuster GLAMOUR


“Nothing could be worse than a motorway pile-up, but nothing could be better than Vincenzi’s gripping and heartfelt blockbuster about the life-changing consequences for everyone involved in one.”

Woman and Home on The Best of Times

“This gripping story from one of our best-selling authors never flags.”

The News of the World on The Best of Times

“But if you only want one book to occupy you this summer – try Penny Vincenzi’s latest, The Best of Times. Enthralling and heartbreaking.”

The Daily Mirror on The Best of Times

“Penny is the doyenne of the modern blockbuster.”


The Decision touches on the Sixties’ attitudes to women and anomalies of the divorce laws, as well as bringing alive all the zingy creativity of the time. It is spicy, romantic, and true to its genre”

Sunday Express on The Decision

“Very well-written and there’s plenty of ceiling hitting sex and good characters.”

Daily Mail on The Decision

“Like a glass of champagne: bubbly, moreish and you don’t want it to end.”

Daily Express

‘An epic, totally compelling love story of love and loss’

heat on A Perfect Heritage

‘I’m always seduced by Penny’s novels, and I didn’t want this one to end’

Woman & Home on A Perfect Heritage

‘For glorious escapism no-one beats Penny Vincenzi and this… is a sparkling delight’

Sunday Mirror on A Perfect Heritage

‘Dear Penny, couldn’t you simply make the next one a bit longer?… Then your loyal fans can live in a perpetual Vincenzi novel with none of the overwhelming melancholy when we reach The End’

Daily Express on A Perfect Heritage